Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance Trumansburg, NY


Parking at the GrassRoots Offsite Parking Area: It's FREE and just around the corner on Agard Road in Trumansburg, about a mile from the Festival site. This is the same place as offsite camping (see the parking map below). We run FREE shuttle buses around the clock back and forth from there to the front gate of the festival, so it's really easy and surprisingly pleasant to get back and forth (they have air conditioning!). The buses have cargo bays for your necessary coolers, tents, strollers, etc. Buses really do run around the clock (although they don't run quite as often between 3am and 9am as they do the rest of the time).

Parking at Shur Save: Parking is also available for a fee directly across the street from the fairgrounds next to the ShurSave Supermarket. Space is donated by the supermarket to our local school system to help raise money for special school projects. Currently all proceeds go to help fund the 8th grade class trip to Washington DC, which would not be possible without this fund raiser.

Please don't park right in the ShurSave lot; they reserve that space for their customers and you will certainly get towed.

GADABOUT Handicapped accesible parking and shuttle

Free Handicappd parking and shuttle from the Maguire Chevrolet parking lot (just south of the Shur Save lot) to the festival from 5:30pm-10:30pm on Thursday and Friday and from 3:30-10:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.  The handicapped accesible Gadabout shuttle bus will run a loop from the Maguire lot to the front gate of the festival and back during these hours.

Other Parking

Parking is available for a fee at the Falls Tavern Restaurant next to the front gate.  

If you park on county roads (which is most of them) you should be aware that the Sheriff's Department will have you towed if you park illegally. Aside from being in a legal spot, you also must have all four wheels completely off the pavement.  Watch like a hawk for parking signs.  If you find a stretch of roads where no one's parked, you probably didn't hit the jackpot - you're likely not allowed to park there. Also, if lots of cars are parked where there are no parking signs, don't follow the leader. Chances are all of the cars parked there will be towed.

Parking is prohibited on Rt 96 directly in front of the festival site and on other local streets as marked. Again, if you park in restriced areas, you will very likely be towed, which is a hassle and costs a lot of money.

Parking is allowed on one side only of Rabbit Run Road. Be aware that there are places on this road where getting all four wheels off the pavement will land you right in the ditch, so watch yourself, especially if you come in at night.

Cemetery Road and Falls Road can be parked on as marked, but please don't park (or worse, camp) in the graveyard. Here also it's a good idea to get your car off the roadway. Nobody living around the fairgrounds wants to have a bunch of cars in their front yard, so be considerate.


GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance