Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance Trumansburg, NY


All On-Site and Off-Site Camping goes on sale February 14 AT 9AM!
Camping and weekend admission are sold separately; purchase of a camp site does not include weekend admission, and a ticket for admission does not include camping.
You must be 18 years old to purchase any camping option. Proof of age is required when you arrive at the festival. Anyone under the age of 18 years old must be camping with a parent or guardian. For questions and information, call our office at 607-387-5098 or email

2017 Camping Policies

Camping policies apply to all camping options- On-Site, Next Door, and Off-Site.
These are policies enforced by our Health Department. Please, help us meet them with ease. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

1. All tents/structure/vehicles must be at least 5 feet apart. This will be enforced as you are setting up; you may not move tents closer or assemble additional structures between tents after initial set-up. Campsites will be checked throughout the event by both festival staff and the Health Department and you will be asked to move or take down any vehicle or structure not in compliance.

2. No flames of any kind. This includes camp grills, camp stoves, tiki torches and non-battery operated lanterns of any kind. Please, leave these things at home.

3. No building or attaching structures onto vehicles. Sofas, overstuffed chairs, etc. are not permitted at campsites.



Please note, all tent passes are good for one tent with dimensions up to 8’x8’ (or up to 64 sq.ft). If you have a tent that is larger, you will need to purchase 2 tent passes. One10’x10’ pop up tent/canopy that does not have walls may be substituted for an 8'x8' tent.

1.  An On-Site Tent Camping ticket entitles you to set up one 8’x8’ tent or smaller in the designated On-Site Tent Camping area (refer to map). This is NOT in the same area as the vehicle camping.  Your tent must be five feet from any other structure, including any permanent fencing, and must open onto a lane.

2.  On-Site Tent campers enter through the FRONT GATE. This is a pedestrian gate and you must be prepared to walk in with your tent and belongings. It is a good idea to park your vehicle at the free offsite parking area and take the shuttle bus to the front gate. The shuttle bus will drop you off right at the gate with all of your stuff.

3.  Gates open at noon. 



Note: Pedestrians will not be allowed to enter through the vehicle camping/performer gate (back gate) until 3pm on Thursday! This is a safety precaution. Pedestrians may enter through the front gate when it opens at Noon.

1.  An On-Site Vehicle Camping ticket is for any average size vehicle.

2.  This camping option also includes one tent pass. The tent dimensions must be 8x8’ or smaller. All tents/structures/vehicles must be spaced 5 feet apart.

3.  Camp sites are not reserved, but are first-come-first-serve.

4.  Vehicle campers enter through the back gate on Rabbit Run Road. Gate open at Noon on Thursday. 

5.  Per the Town of Ulysses a line can begin forming on Rabbit Run Rd. on the Wednesday before the festival.               



1. An On-Site RV Vehicle Camping Ticket is for any vehicle 20 ft. or longer. This includes any vehicle towing another vehicle or trailer. Vans and small RVs 19 ft. and under are considered regular vehicles and do not require an RV pass. All vehicles must be spaces 5 ft. apart.

2. RV Camping does not include any tent passes.

3. Camp sites are not reserved, but are first-come-first serve.

4. RV campers enter through the back gate on Rabbit Run Road. Gates opens at Noon on Thursday.

5. Per the Town of Ulysses, a line can begin forming on Rabbit Run Rd. on the Wednesday before the festival.



Note: Next-Door Camping is adjacent to the Fairgrounds and is a quiet(er) camping option. It is a nice, shaded, woodsy area. Please, do not purchase Next-Door Camping if you do not want a quieter option.

Sites can either have one tent (up to 8'x8') and one vehicle or one RV. RVs have a limited campsite selection in this area, as they are too large to drive through the heavily treed space. All tents/structures/vehicles must be spaced at least 5 ft. apart.

1. Camp sites are not reserved, but are first-come-first-serve.

2. Campers enter through the Next-Door Camping entrance, located close to the back gate entrance. Please, approach from South Street for the Next-Door line. 

3. Next-Door Camping will open at noon, just like the rest of the festival site.



Want to have an additional tent at your on-site or next-door vehicle campsite? You can only purchase this ticket if you also are purchasing vehicle campling of some sort. This ticket lets you add on a 8’x8’ tent to your site, or you could set up a 10'x10' pop up tent that does not have walls. There are a limited number of extra tent passes for each area (on-site and next-door). 



Note: Off-Site Camping is located on Agard Road. Off-Site camping does not sell out before the festival, as there is plenty of space. A free 24-hour shuttle bus runs often between our off-site and on-site locations.

1. Each Off-Site Campsite includes one vehicle and one tent. 

2. Campsites inside of the woods are tent camping ONLY (no vehicles allowed in the wooded area). 

Additional nearby Camping Options- Not Festival camping
All fill up very quickly. Do not wait to reserve a space!
·         Spruce Row Campground, 607-387-9225, is nearby and recommended.
There are also several state parks in the area:
·         Taughannock Falls State Park (607-387-6739) being the closest one, but also check out
·         Robert H Treman State Park (607-273-3440), and
·         Buttermilk Falls State Park (607-273-5761)
All three are extraordinarily beautiful places.
Also worth checking out is Sampson State Park (about 20 miles north of T-burg on Seneca Lake).
For general state park information and reservations, call 1-800-456-CAMP.


GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance