Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance Trumansburg, NY

i have an urgent question, comment OR CONCERN. who do i call?

Before the festival begins, you may call the central office at (607) 387-5098. However, during the festival, the office is CLOSED. There is no phone number to call the festival site. All issues must be dealt with at the gate (Will Call Window) when you arrive or must wait until after the festival. If you have a ticket issue, most likely it can be dealt with at the gate. If you have an emergency, contact the Trumansburg Police at 607-387-6505.


NO TICKETS ARE BEING MAILED. When you ordered your ticket a confirmation email was sent to the email address you entered. This confirms your order. You do not need to bring any printed confirmation with you to the festival, tickets will be held under your name at the gate, please bring your ID to claim your ticket(s). 

What time do the gates open?

The front gate (main gate) opens at noon on Thursday. The back gate (performer & vehicle camper gate) opens at noon to vehicles only. Pedestrians may not enter the back gate until after 3pm on Thursday. Pedestrians must use the front gate. This year, staff will be stickering and wristbanding the vehicle camping line starting at 8:00 am. 

Which gate do I go to?

Onsite Vehicle Pass :: Back Gate
*If you are holding an onsite vehicle camping pass: Proceed through the town of Trumansburg. Turn left on South St. (just past the large brick Methodist Church) and drive about 3/4 mi. You will see a sign indicating a road on the left-hand side of the street. The vehicle gate is on that road (Rabbit Run Rd.) If you are coming from the North, turn right on South St. and follow the same directions.

Next Door Pass :: Next Door Gate- same road as Back Gate
*If you are holding an onsite vehicle camping pass: Proceed through the town of Trumansburg. Turn left on South St. (just past the large brick Methodist Church) and drive about 3/4 mi. You will see a sign indicating a road on the left-hand side of the street. The next door gate is on that road (Rabbit Run Rd.) If you are coming from the North, turn right on South St. and follow the same directions.

Offsite Camping :: Agard Road
*If you are planning to camp offsite: If you are coming from the South, watch carefully for signs indicating the GrassRoots parking/camping area on Agard Rd (a left turn). Proceed down Agard Rd about 1/2 mile and you'll see the site. If you're coming from the North, pass the fairgrounds and again, watch for the signs.

Onsite Tent Camping :: Park, then Front Gate
*If you are holding a tent camping pass: First, park your car offsite in the free offsite parking area (see above for directions). Then grab your camping gear and jump on the shuttle bus, which will take you directly to the front gate.

General Admission :: Front Gate

*If you are not camping: Park your car in the free offsite parking area (see above for directions) and jump on the shuttle bus to the front gate.

*Pedestrians will not be permitted to enter the back gate until 3pm on Thursday. 

Where do I park?

Take advantage of our free offsite parking area on Agard Road with the 24-hour, air-conditioned shuttle bus service. Some parking is available on the road but we do NOT encourage it, as there are many restrictions and many people get towed. There is also a parking lot across the street from the festival that is operated by the 8th Grade Class at Trumansburg Middle School and benefits their annual class trip to Washington, D.C. 

What should I do if I'm handicapped?

*If you are able to ride a bus that does not have a chair lift, we strongly encourage you to park your car at the free offsite parking area (there will be spaces reserved at the front of the lot) and ride the shuttle bus to the front gate.

*If you need to have your car close to you for medical reasons, come to the front gate and explain to the volunteer who greets your car that you need to be near your car and they will show you where to park inside the front gate. 

*If you cannot ride a bus without a chairlift but don't necessarily need your car near you, come to the back gate and the volunteer who greets your car will show you a parking space near the back gate.

*If you need to have your car near you and you are planning to stay for the whole weekend, and sleeping over: you'll need to purchase onsite vehicle camping. You must purchase this in advance.

*GADABOUT Transportation Services will be providing a FREE shuttle service from Maguire Chevrolet on Rte. 96 to the Fairgrounds for handicapped/elderly folks during these hours: Thursday & Friday 5-10:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 3-10:30pm

Please remember that space on the festival site is extremely limited, and though we actively follow and exceed NYS guidelines for the number of handicapped spaces to provide for a festival of our size, we cannot guarantee an onsite handicapped parking space for anyone.  These spaces are first-come, first-serve. 

How often does the shuttle bus run?

There are multiple buses that run from the Agard Road parking/camping site to the Front Gate. The shuttle bus is free and runs continuously (roughly every 15 minutes) during peak hours and more infrequently in the middle of the night. It is a 24-hour service and the bus is air-conditioned! There is room in the bays of the bus for all of your festival equipment: coolers, chairs, tents, strollers, etc.

Can I set up a canopy for sun/rain protection?

We courteously request that you do not set-up 10x10 pop-ups, smaller, shorter shade tents and large umbrellas are encouraged. If high winds occur we ask that these structures be taken down as they can be dangerous if they become airborne. They need to be removed at sundown as these are not meant to be campsites and security reserves the right to remove them after dark. There will be a clearly marked line in the infield that you can set-up behind- areas between the sound booth and the stage need to be kept clear of any personal structures.

What if I did not pre-purchase a ticket? Will the festival sell out?

Because it's an outdoor festival, there is generally enough room for everyone - we've never had a problem before! 4-day passes and single day passes can be purchased at the gate throughout the festival!

What about dogs? Can they be at off-site camping?

No dogs allowed anywhere on or offsite... as much for the dogs' sake as the people's. Size of the dog doesn't matter. No dogs are allowed without legal documentation of it being a service dog.

Local kennels: The Lucky Dog Inn 607-272-3708; Bed and Biscuit 607-277-2126.

Will camping sell out?

All camping is sold in advance of the festival and sells out. This includes offsite camping as well. Check the tickets page on our website to see the status of available camping. 

Are there hotels in Trumansburg?

While Trumansburg is the home of many beautiful Bed and Breakfasts (which are usually booked up), there are no hotels. The closest hotels are in Ithaca (10 mi. South of Trumansburg) - make reservations early! Take a look at our lodging page for some ideas.

What sort of facilities does the festival have?

All camping is primitive, there are no electric or water hookups. There are rustic showers both on- and offsite. There are portable toilets both on- and offsite. There are several drinking water spigots throughout the onsite area.

Are there phones available?

There is one payphone onsite just inside the front gate. There is also a payphone across the street from the festival at the grocery store. Your cell phone should work just fine at the festival. With the support of Renovus Energy, we now offer a solar-powered charging station for cell phones and other gadgetry. You can find it at the Sustainabilty Fair along the edge of the track.

Are food and beverages sold at the festival?

There is a very diverse and plentiful array of food vendors onsite, and all of them have many varieties of soft drinks and other thirst-quenchers. The Official Festival Beer Garden, in the big blue barn, is the only place to buy alcohol onsite. If you're 21 or over, it's a great place to relax and have a drink!

Can I have glass bottles at the festival?

New in 2014: No glass bottles are allowed anywhere inside the fairgrounds and all coolers will be searched at the gate. Barefoot children are often the victims of broken glass cuts, so let's all try to keep the festival clean and safe for everyone. Please put all beverages in a cup or coozie, and don't forget to recycle!!

Are there grocery stores near the festival?

There is a general grocery store directly across the street from the festival, as well as a small natural foods store (Good to Go! Trumansburg Market) a mile down on Main St. There is a pharmacy next to the fairgrounds which carries convenience items, and there is a service station directly beside the festival site. There are many grocery stores in Ithaca (10 mi. South of the festival).

Is there an ATM at the festival?

There is, indeed! It is located in the Tshirt/CD sales area. 

Is there medical personnel at the festival?

There are ambulances and a full time, professional staff of trained medical personnel at the Emergency Medical Services tent onsite. There is also an Emergency Medical Services tent at the Offsite Area and an ambulance on call to this area. The EMS staff does NOT dispense medication of any kind or sunblock, so please be sure to bring those items with you. If you have insulin or any other medication that needs refrigeration or storage, bring it to them as soon as you arrive, and they will happily store it for you. They can also provide power for things like nebulizer treatments; again, check in on arrival and introduce yourself. 

Can I take photographs or make video or audio tapes of the festival?

Amateur photography is always welcome, and if you happen to get any great snapshots, we'd love to have you send us a copy! Videotaping your family and friends is also always okay. However, any videotaping of bands must be strictly for home or personal use and may NOT be sold or broadcast for any reason without the explicit permission of both the festival and the artist. Audiotaping is allowed by the festival, but permission needs to be maintained by each individual band. Sound Board patches may not be made available at all shows. A soundboard patch is available at the discretion of the GrassRoots staff and the performing artist. Plan on providing your own power. Come prepared. We can't lend you extension cords, blank tapes, adapters, etc.

How can I be reached at the festival in case of an emergency?

Get in touch with the Trumansburg police at 607-387-6505. We are in constant contact with the local law enforcement agencies and they will alert us.

What do I do if I lose anything (children or otherwise)?

Go to security headquarters at the side of the large blue barn near the food vendors for lost and found items.  Lost and found children, however, should be taken to the Emergency Medical Services tent (if you're walking in the front gate, turn left, and you'll find it there).  We provide all children with a paper arm band and ask parents to write their cell phone number on this band, so if we find your little one, we can easily get in touch with you.  It's also a good idea to show your kids where the Emergency Medical Services tent is located, and perhaps point out the fact that the paramedics and EMTs wearing a special color of shirt (color is neon green) as are the security guards, so if they get lost, finding one of those people should be easy. 


See performer contact information and guidelines at our Contact page.


It's pretty easy... as soon as you arrive at the festival (Thursday or Friday, even), wander over to the Grandstand stage.  The fella who runs the band contest will have set up a clipboard or mailbox or some sort of other obvious contraption that allows you to get yourself on the list for the contest.   Get on that list, let him know your basic tech requirements, and when your name is called, get ready to rock (or folk, as the case may be).  Winner gets a set at next year's festival, runners-up sometimes get stuff too.  It's pretty casual; we don't take it tremendously seriously, and we recommend that you don't either.  The list is first-come, first-serve, and once it's full, it's full. 

GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance