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Camping FAQS

camping faqs


when will camping go on sale?

Onsite will go on sale February 14 at 9am, and hopefully Across the Way will go on sale within the next week, as we continue to work with the Health Department to finalize our plans. We have added some additional sites since last year and will post the info as soon as we know! Sorry, for any confusion. 

are there any small vehicle sites at across the way?

No. The three options at Across the Way are large site vehicle camping, tent camping on the knoll, or tent camping in the woods. There are no small vehicle camping sites.

what if we purchased a large campsite, but both vehicles aren't arriving at the same time?

At Across the Way & On-site vehicle camping, all vehicles will get a vehicle sticker with their site number on it. Vehicles will not have to arrive at the same time. When the first vehicle checks in, we will be able to note in our system that the second vehicle is arriving later, if that is the case. Any vehicle with its sticker can come and go from their site during the duration of the festival.

Does this mean the old Off-site area is done for? What about Next-Door Camping?

Yes, for a whole bunch of logistical reasons (that we won't bore you with), we've decided to concentrate entirely on this new area. We own it and long-term, we plan to develop it like a park and slowly but surely add major site improvements. Putting all of our energy into this one space will let us do some really nice things, we think, and we're happy to hear your input about what amenities you think would work well there! (No, Steve, we're not building you a merry-go-round, stop asking.)

Can I still buy an extra tent for On-site Camping? 

No need. We're doing away with the extra tent system altogether, as the grid system will make it obsolete. Fit what you can fit.

Will there be any changes to On-site Tent Camping? 

Nope! It's still a no-vehicle, no-cooking area where tents need to be 5 feet apart and open onto a lane. It will not be gridded, but is planned for a tent approximately 8'x8' tent. If you have a tent larger than 8'x8', be sure to purchase two sites (you will need two tent stickers for your large tent). The fee is $100 per tent.

Can I bring a generator for my RV?

No generators are allowed On-site, but there'll be a specific area for RVs with generators to park at Across The Way. Please purchase a Large Site at Across the Way if having a generator is part of your plan.

Does this mean the free parking at Off-site is no longer?

It does. Across The Way will have parking available for a small fee, and there are lots of different local fundraising groups and private home and business owners who sell parking very close to the Fairgrounds. You can also park throughout the Village of Trumansburg for free (it's a meterless town), just watch for signs, be sure you're not blocking driveways, and so on.

Can I have a little bitty campfire? I promise to maintain it really well. 

Just gotta toast marshmallows, huh? It happens. But, we're still not allowed to let that happen at any individual sites, Large or Small. There will, however, be a nice size community fire in the central area of Across the Way Camping. We plan to be hanging out there a bunch!

Can I bring my dog?

Service dogs only on festival property, including Across The Way Camping. No other pets either, please. (That includes your hermit crabs, Kelly. They don't even like reggae anyway.)

Can I please buy an old couch at the thrift store and sleep on it for the whole festival and let it get rained on and then leave it for your cleanup crew to deal with?

*extreme angry mom face*

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