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onsite camping tickets on sale february 24 at 9am!

We've made some pretty big changes to our camping situation last year. We think they made the overall camping experience better for everyone and allowed for some diversity of options that you had been asking for. There have been a few small tweaks since last year as we always continue to make the experience the best it can be. Here's what's up...

A note on lining up/coming early

For all those attending Culture Camp:

  • If you are attending Culture Camp, you may set up camp early in the same site that you have reserved for the festival, whether it's On-site vehicle camping, On-site tent camping, or Across the Way camping. See the Culture Camp link for early camping pricing.

For those NOT camping at Culture Camp:

  • For on-site vehicle campers: now that sites are reserved by number and marked out, there should be less reason for lining up the night before on Rabbit Run Road. If you do park on Rabbit Run, please be as considerate as possible of our neighbors who live on the street. As you can imagine, this has a large impact on them. South Street is under construction and will have no parking this year. We encourage on-site campers who wish to arrive early to come to Culture Camp and camp early inside the festival.

  • For Across the Way campers: There is no parking at all on Falls Road. If you come early, you can come into the campground and camp for a fee of $30 on Wednesday night (paid upon arrival, you cannot pay for this in advance). You can arrive on Wednesday between 9am and 10pm to check-in early.

Camping locations

Located on the Trumansburg Fairgrounds, On-site camping is definitely the place to be, if you like to be right in the thick of it. The stages run well into the wee hours, so if you can't sleep through music, camping here may not be the best option for you. On-site Vehicle Camping always sells out very quickly. On-site Tent Camping sells out well in advance, too. If you know you want to camp in either of these areas on-site, we recommend getting right on it!


Meet our newest addition, located at 8669 Falls Rd in Trumansburg! We purchased a large lot of land located behind the grocery store, across the street from the main festival site. We are calling it Across the Way. This will function as a replacement for both Off-Site and Next-Door Camping, as well as festival parking. Although it’s not far of a walk, there is a shuttle to help you get from Across the Way to the Front Gate during limited hours (TBD). There is also an accessible shuttle on Thursday, Friday and Saturday during peak hours when handicap parking tends to fill up on-site. There are 3 options for camping in this area: Vehicle (large site), Tent-only (woods), and Tent-only (knoll). There is a large parking area on the same property, so those camping with tent-only will be in walking distance to their vehicles. The Across the Way area has permanent showers, portable toilets, a community space for picnic/recreation, a large food vendor, and a community fire. There are also designated quiet camping and designated RV with generator parking areas.

vehicle camping

We heard you ask for years and years for permission to have cooking stoves at your Vehicle Camping campsites, and we’ve worked it out with the Department of Health and our own logistics and mapping team so we can make it happen. Here’s the deal: in order to allow cooking (propane stoves, hibachi grills, etc.; absolutely no open campfires), campsites have to be 1,250 square feet. So we’re gonna offer some of those! We’ll call them “Large Sites”, and the traditional size vehicle campsites will be called “Small Sites.” Camp stoves aren't allowed at Small Sites, so if you know you wanna cook, be sure to get a Large Site. 

And — based on overwhelming feedback over the years, we think you’ll really like this part — both On-site and Across The Way Vehicle Camping will be marked out in a grid, with a mix of Small Sites and some Large Sites for On-site, and Large Sites only at Across the Way. For On-site Vehicle camping specific campsites will be reserved in advance. We suggest checking out the On-site Vehicle Camping Map. Tickets go on sale on Thursday, February 14 at 9am. For the Across the Way camping area, which actual site you get will be first-come/first-serve.

There are significant differences in regulations for small and large sites. This can get a little confusing, so we tried to make a helpful graphic below for all you visual people. Please, read the regulations for Small & Large Sites before making your purchase. 

REGULATIONs for all vehicle campers on-site and across the way:


Small sites are less than half the size of large sites (approx. 22’x26’). A distance of 5 feet must still be maintained between all structures (tents, vehicles, pop ups, etc). Absolutely no open-flame of any sort (cooking stoves, tiki torches, grills, candles, etc.) will be allowed on Small Sites, and this will be strictly enforced.

Small Sites accommodate one car and one good-sized tent, but if you’re driving a Smart Car or putting up a single-person tent, for example, you might be able to squeeze in something else small. We do not set quantity or size limit, so long as they fit within your space and remain 5 feet from the nearest structure. Absolutely no open-flame cooking will be allowed on Small Sites, and this will be strictly enforced due to NYS Health Department regulations.


A 5 foot perimeter must be maintained within your site, however the good news is you do not have to maintain 5 feet between all structures on the site. You also can have a cooking stove, but still no open campfires, or other open flames (candles, tiki torches, etc.).

Team up! Large sites are a lot of space. A great option for family and friends to camp together. Large sites entitle the bearer up to two vehicles, and the number of structures you’re allowed to put up depends on keeping everything within the 5 foot perimeter. Our graph paper brainstorms pretty consistently show two vehicles and 2-3 structures fitting in the space; we know y’all are gonna get creative here and impress us with your tent Tetris skills. An RV will absolutely fit on a Large Site, but is unlikely to have extra space for a second vehicle plus additional structures. Large sites onsite are approx. 28' x 45' and Large sites Across the Way are all different shapes, but are a minimum of 1250 sq ft.

NOTE: No indoor furniture is allowed on any campsite. 


An On-Site Tent Camping ticket entitles you to set up one 8’x8’ tent or smaller in the designated On-Site Tent Camping area (refer to map). This is NOT in the same area as Vehicle Camping. If you have a tent larger than 8'x8', be sure to purchase two sites (you will need two tent stickers for a large tent). All tents in this area must be five feet from any other structure, including any permanent fencing, and must open onto a lane.

On-Site Tent campers enter through the FRONT GATE. This is a pedestrian gate only, so you must be prepared to walk in with your tent and belongings. It is a good idea to park your vehicle at the parking area Across the Way and take the shuttle to the main road. From there you can follow the sidewalk to the front gate entrance.

Across the Way, there are two designated areas for tent-only camping: The Woods, which is in full shade all day and is fairly densely wooded. The other option is the Knoll, which is grassy field camping without shade, but it does have a wonderful breeze and beautiful view. Tent campers Across The Way are given free parking in the parking lot nearby.

frequently asked questions

For those of you who've been coming to the festival for a really long time (Shout out to our GrassRoots Family... we love you guys!), we realize these are some pretty big changes, and you might have a few questions. So, we made up this fun little FAQs page, about all the new stuff, to hopefully help make everything super clear. 

onsite Camping tickets go on sale february 14 at 9am

It's generally not good practice to put the purchase button all the way at the bottom of the page, but it's really important to us that you've read all of the new information before ordering your tickets. All camping and admission tickets are non-refundable.

No one under the age of 18 is permitted to camp at the festival without a parent or guardian.