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Campsite Size

vehicle camping

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We heard you ask for years and years for permission to have cooking stoves at your Vehicle Camping campsites, and we’ve worked it out with the Department of Health and our own logistics and mapping team so we can make it happen. Here’s the deal: in order to allow cooking (propane stoves, hibachi grills, etc.), campsites have to be 1250 square feet. So we’re gonna offer some of those! We’ll call them “Large Sites” and the traditional size vehicle camping sites will be called “Small Sites.” This applies to both of our camping areas, on the festival site itself and Across the Way.

And — based on overwhelming feedback over the years, we think you’ll really like this part — the On-site and Across The Way Camping will both be marked out in a grid, with some Small Sites and some Large Sites. Which actual Large or Small site you get will be first-come/first-serve. Check out the size options below...


Regulations for small & Large sites

A distance of 5 feet must still be maintained between all structures (tents, vehicles, pop ups, etc). Absolutely no open-flame of any sort (cooking stoves, tiki torches, grills, candles, etc.) will be allowed on Small Sites, and this will be strictly enforced.

Small Sites accommodate one car and one good-sized tent, but if you’re driving a Smart Car or putting up a single-person tent and a camp shower, for example, you might be able to squeeze in something else small. We do not set quantity or size limit, so long as they fit within your space (22’ x 26’) and remain 5 feet from the nearest structure. Absolutely no open-flame cooking will be allowed on Small Sites, and this will be strictly enforced due to NYS Health Department regulations.

A 5 foot perimeter must be maintained within your site, however the good news is you do not have to maintain 5 feet between all structures on the site. You also can have a cooking stove, but still no open campfires, or other open flames (candles, tiki torches, etc.).

Team up! 1250 square feet is A LOT of space. A great option for family and friends to camp together. Large Sites entitle the bearer up to two vehicles, and the number of structures you’re allowed to put up depends on keeping everything within the 5 foot perimeter. Our graph paper brainstorms pretty consistently show two vehicles and 2-3 structures fitting in the space; we know y’all are gonna get creative here and impress us with your tent Tetris skills. An RV will absolutely fit on a Large Site, but is unlikely to have extra space for a second vehicle plus additional structures.

POINT OF ORDER: No indoor furniture is allowed on any campsite.