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Dear GrassRoots Family,

At each one of our events we are reminded of the amazing group effort it takes to present a GrassRoots Festival. Whether it is the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance or the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance, or our new addition, the Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance, the sense of community involvement and support is overwhelming and inspiring. We can’t help but notice that we are seeing a lot of the same faces at GrassRoots Festivals. Over the years, many of you have become more than just patrons of the festival. Many of you have become die hard annual attendees, volunteers, staff, performers, and members of our extended family.

We are always working hard to ensure the GrassRoots experience is fun, inspiring, and teaching us all to become better members of the community around us. To support this work and to ensure the future of the GrassRoots mission, we need some support from you, our GrassRoots Family. We are offering a one-time special to those of you who love GrassRoots as much as we do, and want to see the organization continue to grow. We have big dreams and need your help to make them come true!

The cost is $1000 - Here’s what you get:

Economically, this offer is a great investment for anyone who makes it a point to regularly attend GrassRoots. Beyond that, this is a great investment in furthering the mission and outreach of the GrassRoots Organization.

Ten 4-day passes for any GrassRoots Festivals:

You will be provided with 10 4-day passes to any of the GrassRoots Festivals. These passes can be used at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival, the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival, or the Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival. There are absolutely no restrictions on how you use these passes. You can give them to family and friends or use them all yourself. You can use them all at once or one at a time. They are good whenever you choose to use them, and they never expire.

Lifetime “All Access” Lanyard

This personalized pass will have your name on it and will allow you and a guest access to all the areas of any GrassRoots event for the rest of your life. This includes backstage and artist areas. Lanyard does not include festival admission.

GrassRoots Store Voucher

You will be given a $50 voucher to use at the GrassRoots store. With this credit you will be able to purchase GrassRoots T-Shirts, Hats, and other GrassRoots merchandise.