GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance

General Policies

Volunteer policies


Before the festival:

During the festival: come to the Volunteer Check-In Tent


new policies

  • NO AT-FESTIVAL SIGN UPS: this means you can no longer come to the gate during the festival to sign up to volunteer--all volunteer positions will be filled prior to the start of the festival.

  • BRING YOUR ID: all volunteers will be required to show their ID when checking in at the volunteer tent.

other policies to be aware of

  • If you have to cancel your shifts please do so 1 week in advance of the festival in order for us to allow you to volunteer at future festivals.

  • Volunteers must purchase their own camping pass.

  • Volunteers who arrive at the festival after midnight will need to purchase a day pass in order to enter the festival, no reimbursement will be provided. They should come to the volunteer tent the next morning at 10am to check in officially.

  • Make sure you check in with your crew shift manager so they know you came: this is the only way to verify that you went to your shift.

  • If you miss just one shift you will be at risk of losing future volunteer opportunities.

volunteer conduct & attire

As volunteers for the festival, you help represent the GrassRoots organization:

  • For our 21 and older volunteers: please, make sure the party hasn't started for you until after your shift - if you are deemed unable to work by your Crew Chief, you will be asked to leave, you will not receive credit for having shown up and your deposit will be charged.

  • If you are a volunteer under 21 and are known to be under the influence (even off of your shift) you will be removed from the festival and considered ineligible for future volunteer opportunities.

  • Volunteers are not offered cigarette breaks during their shift. You may not smoke when on shift.

  • Volunteers must, at all times, be fully-clothed –top-to-bottom, including shoes, preferably closed-toed shoes for crews such as trash and kitchen!

  • All volunteers should wear shirts while working.

  • GrassRoots t-shirts should not be ripped or cut-up.

  • Volunteers must be completely sober on shift and considerate to festival patrons, musicians, and other volunteers.

  • When a volunteer is not on shift they should never be disorderly or otherwise disruptive.

  • If a volunteer is deemed unable to work by your Crew Chief (for any reason), you will be asked to leave and you will not receive credit for having shown up.

what you need at volunteer check-in

  • Photo ID

  • Know the official name of the crew you are assigned to.

  • You may not check in until 9:00 am Thursday.

how to prepare for your shifts

  • Check in and out of your shift with your shift manager or crew chief.

  • Know what your shifts are before getting to the festival!

  • Be sure to plan on being at LEAST 15 minutes early to your shift.

  • Be prepared to be present for the entire length of your shift (i.e. bring water).

  • Dress for the weather (sun hat, rain coat, sunscreen, etc.).

first aid volunteers

  • Are always needed, but can only be filled by registered EMTs, paramedics, doctors, nurses, or physician's assistants. Credentials will be checked

new volunteers

Will likely be assigned to one of the following crews:

  • Across the Way

  • Hospitality

  • Trash and Recycling

crews generally reserved for veteran volunteers

  • Setup/Breakdown

  • Security

  • Stage Crews

  • Ticket Booth

  • Volunteer Check In