GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance

Merch Barn

Merch barn


Keep your grassroots memories alive

Keep your GrassRoots memories alive with some fun and funky keepsakes from our on-site boutique! Stop in at the merchandise barn to browse our wares. It's the big blue one at the top of the hill by the food vendors.

Get yourself a comfy all-cotton tee, tank, or hoodie, or perhaps some sort of cool hat. Maybe a water bottle? A coozie? Oooh, how about earplugs or sunscreen? We've got it all. We've also got an enormous selection of music by GrassRoots performers so you can create your own all-night Zydeco extravaganzas and Sunday morning square dances all year round -- or just something to bring you some sunshine on those long morning commutes.

100% of CD sales go directly to the artists, so if you're gonna buy 'em, this is a great time and place to do it!