GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance

Directions & Parking

directions & parking


Take a bus or carpool to Grassroots

The local bus service, TCAT, can get you to and from GrassRoots. See schedule here for Route 21 from Ithaca to Trumansburg (and back again) where they’ll drop you at the Front Gate. Note that on Saturday there are typically extra runs leaving Ithaca for Trumansburg, in addition to their regular schedule.

Or you can utilize Finger Lakes Rideshare, sharing rides as a driver or a rider! Check it out here and if you offer a ride through Finger Lakes Rideshare you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a 4 day pass to this year’s festival.

parking at grassroots

There is no parking on the main festival site unless you are vehicle camping. However, there are a few good options nearby. The official GrassRoots parking area is located across the street, for a small fee. And, there are lots of different local fundraising groups and private home and business owners who sell parking very close to the Fairgrounds. You can also park throughout the Village of Trumansburg for free, just watch for signs, be sure you’re not blocking driveways, and so on. Read on for more details.

festival Parking


Festival parking is located "Across the Way" from the main festival site and is staffed for all four days. It does cost a small fee for either the day or the weekend. $5 for the day, or $10 for the weekend (all 4-days). The parking entrance is on Falls Road. It's not far of a walk from the festival site for those who will walk. There is also a shuttle bus during limited hours (Thurs 9am-midnight, Fri & Sat noon-2am and Sunday noon-7pm). The shuttle bus stop is on the Falls Rd entrance of the camping area. If walking, there is a path entrance at the woods on the west side of the property that will take you to the sidewalk. Be sure to use the crosswalk across from the front gate when crossing. Crossing anywhere else is unsafe. For handicap parking, see below.


Parking is available for a fee directly across the street from the festival site, in front of the grocery store. Space is donated by the store to our local school system to help raise money to fund the annual 8th grade class trip to Washington DC. Then, just down the block, on the same side of the street, parking is available at the school itself. This parking area is run by volunteers for the Middle School PTO and the Trumansburg Sports Boosters, which enables them to do so much for District students with funds raised.

street Parking

If you park on county roads (which is most of them) you should be aware that the Sheriff's Department will have you towed if you park illegally. Aside from being in a legal spot, you also must have all four wheels completely off the pavement. Watch like a hawk for parking signs. If you find a stretch of roads where no one's parked, you probably didn't hit the jackpot - you're likely not allowed to park there. Also, if lots of cars are parked where there are no parking signs, don't follow the leader. Chances are all of the cars parked there will be towed.

The festival is not responsible for towed cars. Parking is prohibited on Rt 96 directly in front of the festival site and on other local streets as marked. Again, if you park in restricted areas, you will very likely be towed, which is a hassle and costs money. Parking is allowed on one side only of Rabbit Run Road. Be aware that there are places on this road where getting all four wheels off the pavement will land you right in the ditch, so watch yourself, especially if you come in at night. Nobody living around the fairgrounds wants to have a bunch of cars in their front yard, so please be considerate.


Gadabout Handicapped accessible parking and shuttle

There is FREE handicapped parking and shuttle from the Falls Road entrance of the Across The Way parking lot. The handicapped accessible Gadabout shuttle bus will run a loop from the Across The Way shuttle stop lot to the front or back gate of the festival (Thursday 5-10:30pm, Friday Noon-10:30pm, and Saturday noon-10:30pm and Sunday 11am-4pm. Please, check this year's program or schedule for specific times during which the shuttle will run. There is also handicap parking available on-site inside the front and back gate entrances.

directions to the festival

2150 Trumansburg Rd, Trumansburg, NY 14886

(For ridesharing info click here)

From Toronto, Buffalo, Rochester: Take the NYS Thruway to Geneva; Rt 14 south to Rt 5 & 20 east for a few miles, then Rt 96B south which turns into Rt 96, 33 miles from Geneva to Trumansburg.

From Syracuse, Albany, Northern New England: Take the NYS Thruway (I-90) to Rt 81 south in Syracuse, go about 30 miles and exit at the Homer exit - Rt 281 south, which merges into Rt 13 south after a few miles. Take Rt. 13 into Ithaca and pick up Rt 96 north; go 10 miles to Trumansburg. There you are.

From Southern New England, the lower Hudson Valley: Take I-84 west to Rt 17 west to I-81 north about 15 miles to Whitney Point, where you take Rt 79 west about 30 miles to Ithaca. In Ithaca you'll take Rt 96 north 10 miles to Trumansburg (Rt 17 looks like an interstate, but in fact it's not, so the speed limit is still 55).

From New York City, Long Island, New Jersey: Get to I-80 west, take it to I-380 east in Pennsylvania (maybe it's 380 north - there's only one way to go there) which will take you to Scranton PA, where you pick up I-81 north. Follow this past Binghamton about 15 miles to Whitney Point, where you take Rt 79 west about 30 miles to Ithaca. Don't speed through the little towns of Lisle and Center Lisle. In Ithaca you'll take Rt 96 north 10 miles to Trumansburg.