GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance

Health & Safety

Health & safety


Health & Safety at grassroots

At GrassRoots we care about your health and safety and we do not tolerate disrespect or mistreatment of other people. We are a community – so, look out for the safety and well being of one another. It seems simple and obvious, but we as a community work hard to create the special environment at GrassRoots, and the best way to continue enjoying it for years to come is to practice personal responsibility and common sense and to encourage others to do the same- it’s pretty simple, use your head and your heart. Thank you for respecting one another, we love you!

a few tips from us to stay healthy & safe

*Upon arrival note the location of First Aid and Security, they can be found on the map and maps can be found at the front and back gate or in your program.

*Stay hydrated! There are water spigots throughout the site, additionally you can fill water bottles at EMS.

*Use the buddy system, stay together and keep an eye out for one another.

*If you witness something that feels unsafe please report it to security.

*Use and trust your best instincts.

*Please spread the word about the 911 Good Samaritan Law in New York State. New York’s new “911 Good Samaritan” law provides protections from charge and prosecution for drug and alcohol possession and underage drinking for the victim and those who seek help during an overdose. So if someone needs medical assistance, do not hesitate to seek help immediately. YOU ARE PROTECTED BY LAW.


GrassRoots is an all ages, family-friendly event, anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult if camping. Youth passes (13-15 years) will not be sold to youth at the gate without a parent or guardian. We recommend parents/legal guardians accompany their kids to the festival- this is an extremely family friendly festival and kids of all ages are welcome, but the festival cannot be responsible for kids without adult supervision. Kids 12 and under are free of admission.

Parents/guardians of teens

Your teens are at a potentially vulnerable age. We encourage you to talk to them about how to make wise decisions surrounding their health & safety while attending events with thousands of people. We especially encourage you to attend with your teens. Many parents have also found that volunteering with their teen can be an excellent way to experience the event together.

lost children

Lost and found children are taken to the Emergency Medical Services tent (if you're walking in the front gate, turn left, and you'll find it there). We provide all children with a paper arm band and ask parents to write their cell phone number on this band, so if we find your little one, we can easily get in touch with you. It's also a good idea to show your kids where the Emergency Medical Services tent is located, and perhaps point out the fact that the paramedics and EMTs are wearing a special color of shirt as are the security guards, so if they get lost, finding one of those people should be easy.


There is a 24 hour EMT staffed Emergency Medical Tent at the festival near the front entrance. There are ambulances available onsite and offsite. First Aid for minor medical issues is also available both on and offsite. EMS staff are always available to help, so please do not hesitate to contact them with any concerns you may have, whether large or small. If you witness a medical emergency, the priority is FAST response. You can either call 911 or you can go directly to the medical tent and guide EMS staff to the location.

security/law enforcement

Security headquarters is located in the Blue Barn above the Food Vendors. Security can also be found at the front and back gate at all times. Please familiarize yourself with the site and these services upon arrival. The festival works closely with law enforcement and you will find them outside the festival main entrance and often outside the back gate and Across the Way area as well..

drug & alcohol policy

GrassRoots is a family festival and it is very important to us that everyone feels comfortable, respected and safe during their stay here. We have a NO PUBLIC DISPLAY OF ALCOHOL POLICY – meaning you must keep your alcoholic beverage in a cup or cover with a coozie. We will ask you to conceal your alcoholic beverage if displayed. Public intoxication and drug abuse are not acceptable and we reserve the right to (and will) intervene if we believe anyone is acting inappropriate and/or disrespectful. Underage drinking is illegal. Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.

advocacy center of tompkins county

As an agency we believe all people deserve to be safe and enjoy GrassRoots free from any form of domestic and sexual violence. We recognize that we all have a role in keeping GrassRoots a space for fun, music, family and community. Advocacy Center staff will be onsite Thursday 4-8pm, and Friday & Saturday 12-8pm with a table next to GrassRoots C.A.R.E.S with information about Affirmative Consent and ways to be a positive bystander should you hear or see anything that could lead to sexual violence. While we hope to prevent any assaults from occurring we will also have information available about how to support a person who may experience sexual or domestic violence, how to access support at the festival and ways that our Advocates can help all who may be impacted 24 hours a day. Sexual Assault and Rape are never the victims fault and you are not alone. To learn more about our work or to speak with a trained advocate immediately call our 24 hotline at 607-277-5000.

grassroots C.A.R.E.S.

GrassRoots CA.R.E.S. is an initiative of the organization that stands for Community Awareness and Resource Engagement Services. It's headquarters will be located on the track between the Infield and Grandstand stages. We'll have information about where different resources can be found at the festival such as the Medical Tent, Security, First Aid, Advocacy Center, Healing Arts as well as tips about how to stay safe and healthy at the festival. Our mission is sustainable community wellness and health- we are raising awareness and promoting health in the physical, emotional, mental and sexual realms. Stop by and see how you can engage! Additionally you can find mobile C.A.R.E.S. volunteers in violet shirts labeled grassroots.cares.

healing arts

Located behind the craft vendors Healing Arts is a safe, calming space where one can receive hands-on bodywork of varying modalities. Community organizations and individual practitioners offer informational sessions and personal healing arts demonstrations for those interested in exploring this powerful and progressive wave of health care. Stop by this place of quiet and positive relaxation to rest your dancing feet and gather strength!


Not only are there no fires allowed Onsite, Next Door or Offsite but due to NYS Health Department regulations there are no flames of any kind allowed, this includes camp grills, camp stoves (Coleman etc.), tiki torches, and non-battery operated lanterns of any kind. Please help us meet these regulations and leave these items at home.

Glass bottles

No glass bottles are allowed anywhere inside the fairgrounds and all coolers will be searched at the gate. Barefoot children are often the victims of broken glass cuts, so let's all try to keep the festival clean and safe for everyone. Please put all beverages in a cup or coozie, and don't forget to recycle!!

please help us spread the word about the info included on this page!