GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance

So Much More!


so much more!

There is so much to see and do at the festival. Learn about some of it right here, and don't miss a thing!


Art Barn

We at GrassRoots have never been much for pigeonholing our interests. As we see it, music is music is music. There’s no reason not to experience the whole spectrum over these four days. And, just as the music here can’t help overflowing from the stages to the campsites, so too is the ethos of the Art Barn. Stop in, immerse yourself, catch some fantastic installation pieces by local artists and be a part of the whole experience. The Art Barn is organized and curated by Allison DeDominick of ARTe along with some fantastic volunteers and, of course, some amazing artists.

If you're interested in participating in the Art Barn this year, please contact


Vinyl lounge

The GrassRoots Vinyl Lounge features record selectors spinning tasty grooves throughout the festival, between sets on the Grandstand Stage and after hours. Located on the track right next to the Beer & Wine Garden, it's the perfect spot to mellow out with friends, have a listen, and dance to timeless tunes and rare cuts.

Merch Barn.jpg

Merch & Cd Barn

Keep your GrassRoots memories alive with some fun and funky keepsakes from our on-site boutique! Stop in at the merchandise barn to browse our wares. It's the big blue one at the top of the hill by the food vendors.

Get yourself a comfy all-cotton tee, tank, or hoodie, or perhaps some sort of cool hat. Maybe a water bottle? A coozie? Oooh, how about earplugs or sunscreen? We've got it all. We've also got an enormous selection of music by GrassRoots performers so you can create your own all-night dance extravaganzas or easy listening playlist for those long morning commutes.

100% of CD sales go directly to the artists, so if you're gonna buy 'em, this is a great time and place to do it!


Indigenous Crafts, food & dance

Join us under the tent near the front gate, across the way from the Dance Tent. Native artists will demonstrate and sell beautiful bead-work, jewelry, Guatemalan weaving, and all manner of Native art, music, and information. Native American tradition celebrated through pow-wow dances and art teaches us a pre-columbian spiritual awareness, and about a culture that lived in a harmonious way with the Earth.



Storytelling is one of the most ancient and powerful ways of communication and connecting with people. From the earliest days, it has been considered and art, one of the primary ways that everyone received information. Stories more than anything else, capture the essence in our lives and we invite you to join us for this experience. Check this year's program for details on when and where.


Friends of Bill W

Come join the fellowship with others that are clean and sober at the festival. Meet near the Healing Arts area:

  • Thursday - 6pm

  • Friday & Saturday - Noon & 6PM

  • Sunday - Noon